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Cath Dry, Inc. is a company that was founded by a physician and focuses on innovation, infection control and improving the quality of life for patients with central venous catheters. If you have not showered, gone swimming or laid out at the poolside / beach because you have a catheter then Cath Dry is for you!!! It is easy to use and even lets you know when water gets into the dressing. A color strip changes from white to red when it comes into contact with water alerting you to dry off. Cath Dry is sterile, water resistant, breathable, single use, easily removed, hypoallergenic and disposable. Infections are now preventable with the Cath Dry dressing.


1. Quality of Life
Asking a patient to avoid showering for weeks to months at a time is a challenging and frustrating task. There has to be a better and more practical solution. With Cath Dry it is time to start enjoying warm daily showers, swimming and laying out at the pool with your family and friends despite having a catheter. You don't have to feel left out anymore. Avoid hospital visits for skin and catheter infections. Do away with the inadequate and frustrating washcloth touch ups. Start enjoying the smaller things in life today with Cath Dry!

2. Infection
The exit site of a central venous catheter (hemodialysis, PICC and chemo) or peritoneal dialysis catheter is an open wound with a foreign body. These catheters prevent patients from safely showering and increase the risk of infection. Lack of hand washing and daily showering has been shown to increase the amount of bacteria on your skin. Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA) infections are also more common with poor and inadequate hygiene. If this is accurate, then why are you being asked to avoid the shower? Infections in the catheter can spread to your blood stream leading to a lengthy hospital stay, many surgical procedures and a large hospital bill. Your catheter and exit site should be protected at all times with a sterile dressing. Live a healthier, hygiene friendly and infection free life with Cath Dry!

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