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American College Of Physicians

American College Of Physicians

Physicians serve different purposes, they treat and diagnose illnesses and injuries, they examine patients, prescribe medications, take medical histories, order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests. They often counsel patients on hygiene, diet, and preventive healthcare and other mental and physical impairments. Having a platform that enhances the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering professionalism and excellence in the practice of medicine cannot be understated. The American College of Physicians (ACP), Founded in 1915, is a national agency of internists, who specialize in the care of adults, diagnosis, and treatment.

With one hundred and fifty-four thousand members across the united states. American college of physicians is the most prominent medical-specialty organization and the second largest group of physicians in the united states. The PA Clinical Network with access to a statewide integrated network was created for, and by independent Pennsylvania physicians, with built-in certification compliance, reduced costs increased revenue, and authorized with first-class resources supporting better care. At PA clinical network, we are an alternative that helps private practices thrive in today’s healthcare reality.

What kind of support should you expect?

At PA clinical network, we are proud to offer a technology platform flexible enough to support and meet the requirements of stakeholders across the care continuum. We are an Industry-leading Health-EC population health platform designed to improve quality of care and patient experience by conquering the healthcare industry's most robust data challenges and integrates seamlessly with any electronic medical record (EMR). The electronic medical history is the systematized collection of patient and population electronically-stored health information in a digital format.

PA clinical network develops and delivers end-to-end technology solutions for swapping managing population health and healthcare information in the United States and internationally. We offer Population Health Management support that unites various critical components of a care management program into a single united platform from the patient and also give a simple dashboard view of aggregated costs and helps you qualify for value-based payments.

How informed would you be?

Pa clinical network understands the importance of maintaining continuity of the medical care delivered to the patient, especially when switching between care institutions or caregivers, therefore there is a vital need for up-to-date information and new information with old ideas. PA clinical network offers high-quality research and access data that help physicians understand every patient’s cost of care across the care continuum.

Continuum Care is a concept involving a system that tracks and guides patients over time through a comprehensive arrangement of health services spanning all levels and strength of care. Continuum Care covers the delivery of healthcare for some time.

How transparent are our professionals?

Respect for patient rights is a foundation of medical ethics. Patients must rely on their physicians to provide information. Thus, physicians must inform patients about all suitable treatment options, the benefits, and risks of alternatives, and other relevant information including the existence of financial incentives, guidelines, formularies that influence treatment care and recommendations.

PA clinical network offers Complete clarity on terms for participation in shared savings and on the details of how payments are calculated.

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