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Cancer Hats

Cancer Hats

Hair loss or alopecia is a side effect that occurs for various reasons. One is for undergoing treatments to fight cancer. If the patient experiences chemotherapy, they may lose the hair on not only the head but also the eyebrows and part of the body hair. If on the other hand, the treatment is by radiotherapy, generally only the radiated area will be affected.

This can happen to men, women, and children. However, it is women who are often most affected by the impact on their appearance. Also, some medications administered can bring changes in the hormonal system. It can make them experience higher sensitivity, making things harder to cope. It is essential to know the keys to this process, and what to do about it.

3 Keys of Hair Loss Because of Cancer Treatments

  1. It is a temporary process: The drugs used attacks the rapidly growing cells of the body, including the hair cells. Usually some time (a couple of months) after administering the last dose, the hair reappears.
  2. The hair loss does not happen immediately: It is a gradual process that begins to occur after 2 or 3 weeks. The amount of hair to lose also depends on each organism, conditioned by hormonal factors, genetics, or strengths of the immune system.
  3. Get Prepared: Before starting your treatment, it is good that you adopt certain habits to help yourself. Also from the emotional point of view, it is good to seek the support of family and friends (you can even try therapeutic help).

How to Face Alopecia?

From the aesthetic point of view, consider substitute options. It is common to resort to the use of wages, but think that it can be a very hot accessory. In contrast, cancer hats, caps, and scarves that we design in Hats For You can represent a fresh, beautiful and convenient alternative. Within our wide variety of designs and fabrics, we are sure that you will find an option that will make you look pretty, confident, and fashionable.

During chemotherapy, excess heat on the scalp makes things worse. Check with the cancer team to determine what type of therapies you can use, such as applying cold packs to refresh the area. You should also avoid the use of appliances such as hair dryers.

Another thing that you should avoid is the implementation of chemical treatments in the capillary area. For a while, do not use dyes or perms.

Replace the shampoo with a softer one, and with neutral pH. Also, try not to wash more than twice a week and do not comb your hair too much. Dry your hair applying small touches in the area and do not scrub.

In Hats for You, We Work With Love

The cancer hats, berets, turbans that we craft are made with love to help you cope with things. This project conceived by our founder Margaret Foltyn started in 1992 to help one of our employees with her fight against cancer. If you or a family member is in this circumstance, you can visit our online catalog, register and enjoy our select creations. Enjoy our free shipping on orders over $49.99 (only in the USA). We are happy to be there for you!

Cancer Hats

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