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Coude catheters Orlando

Coude catheters Orlando

Male and female anatomies are difficult. Cathing requires the potentially uncomfortable process of pushing a catheter directly in the urethra. MyCaths offers Coude catheters in Orlando that work with any anatomy for smooth and easy insertion.

Why do I need to use Coude catheters?

Not everyone has the same anatomy. Due to genetics, injury, or even lifestyles, our urethras have different shapes. Still, one-third of Americans experience overactive bladders, diseases, and incontinence requiring catheterization.

The pointed tip of a Coude Catheter works its way down the urethra and into the bladder. These catheters push their way through any barrier.

Use Cases of a Coude Catheter

There are many factors leading to this form of catheterization. If you have trouble inserting a catheter, a Coude catheter is an option.

Doctors prescribe these devices for patients with:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Prior prostate surgery
  • Urethral strictures
  • False passages in the urethra or a stoma
  • Radiation treatment for cancer
  • Women with atrophic vaginas
  • Anyone with urinary restrictions or a urethral injury

Most users are male. While most catheters are longer, female catheters exist as well.

Are Coude Catheters painful?

The pointed tip of a Coude catheter may seem painful. Catheterization is seamless with the right lubrication.

The pointed tip is ergonomically designed to avoid a significant amount of pain and discomfort. The process still requires performing an activity the body was not designed to accomplish. However, with the right lubrication, the process is effortless.

Basics of Coude Catheters

The basics of Coude catheters are no different than others. As always make sure you wash your hands and the insertion site prior to use to avoid a urinary tract infection. Use gloves to avoid contamination as well.

To insert a catheter:

  1. Take your catheter out of the package and lubricate the tip and tube
  2. If you are a male, hold your penis at a 45-degree angle
  3. If you are a female, angle yourself at a 45-degree angle
  4. Slowly insert the catheter until you start to see urine flow
  5. Once urine begins to flow insert the device slightly further
  6. Use the toilet or urinal as normal
  7. Slowly withdraw the tube
  8. Properly dispose of your device

Some catheters include guide dots or stripes to let you know where the tip is. These dots help you maintain the correct angle.

Are Coude Catheters covered by my insurance?

Medicare, Medicaid, and nearly every other type of insurance covers the Coude catheters. Your insurance should cover a month-long supply or at least one hundred catheters. can increase or decrease your prescription with a doctor’s note. We will work with you to ensure you have all the catheters you need delivered right to your door.

Obtaining Coude Catheters in Orlando

You can obtain Coude catheters in Orlando without traveling to the medical supply store. Get time for your life and stay safe throughout these trying times.

Get in touch us today to find out more about our Coloplast Coude Catheters.



Coude catheters Orlando

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