Outpatient Drug Rehab Tampa

Outpatient Drug Rehab Tampa

When looking to recover from addiction, choosing the right rehab treatment is paramount for immediate and long-lasting results. At Spring Gardens Recovery, we offer inpatient and outpatient drug rehab in Tampa for the ideal recovery experience. But when it comes to the various forms of treatment, how do you know which one fits your case the best?

Choose between inpatient and outpatient treatment!

Substance addiction is progressive and chronic, which means that specific rehab programs fit specific addiction circumstances. Here are the differences between inpatient/residential programs and outpatient and IOP treatment services in Tampa Bay.

Inpatient/Residential program

  • Ideal for coping with aggravated forms of addiction
  • Comes after the detox treatment
  • Relies on 24/7 medical supervision
  • Includes medical assistance, therapy, expert counseling, gender-specific treatment, etc.

The inpatient/residential program only comes after completing the detoxification process and prepares you for less intensive treatment forms.

Intensive outpatient treatment in Tampa (IOP)

  • Available after completing the inpatient program
  • Relies on nine hours per week of therapy and treatment
  • Offers therapy, group sessions, family therapy, counseling
  • Includes urinary analysis tests (twice per week) and case management services

IOP's goal is to further sobriety goals, promoting responsibility and accountability as core components of a sober and healthy lifestyle.

Outpatient program

  • Follows IOP or other more intensive forms of treatment
  • Relies on eight hours per week of treatment, therapy, and counseling
  • Includes one urinary test analysis per week
  • Provides family therapy, group and individual counseling sessions, and case management services
  • Promotes family, sobriety commitment, improved career achievements, reaching life-defining personal goals, etc.

The outpatient program is the perfect choice for patients who have completed inpatient treatment and IOP and seek further assistance with putting their lives in order.

Is the outpatient treatment effective?

If you need effective substance abuse treatment near me, the outpatient program is a must. It is an integral part of the recovery strategy, allowing patients to:

  • Work on their social skills
  • Fix their relationships
  • Pursue their career goals
  • Understand addiction, sobriety, and relapse
  • Adopt a healthy, clean, and active lifestyle
  • Discover new hobbies and passions
  • Identify and avoid social triggers, etc.

The outpatient treatment represents a milestone for patients completing intensive forms of treatment. It allows our patients to focus on their recovery, make friends in the community, become more socially involved, and remain sober, healthy, and fulfilled over the years.

Seek outpatient treatment!

The intensive outpatient treatment near me and outpatient programs are also available for individuals who haven't completed the residential program but don't need to. These individuals deal with mild forms of addiction and cannot join an inpatient program due to social, professional, or personal obligations. Our adult intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Tampa Bay, FL, will allow them to join treatment without sacrificing their social lives in the process.

If you need outpatient drug rehab in Tampa, contact Spring Gardens Recovery at 866-244-9556 to check your insurance and find out more about our treatment. We can help you fight off addiction on your own terms and embrace a healthier, cleaner lifestyle starting today!

Outpatient Drug Rehab Tampa
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Outpatient Drug Rehab Tampa
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