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Sativa Strains

Sativa Strains

The best sativa strains can be found at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We have a long history of providing seeds of the top strains of cannabis to users located all over the map. Through careful selection and investigative review, we have narrowed down the list of sativa cannabis strains to the top five best options. Each strain has its own unique traits that make it a prime option for cannabis users and growers.

Top Five Best Sativa Strains

The following options are solid choices when it comes to sativa cannabis strains available at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

  1. Bruce Banner – This potent sativa marijuana strain is known best for providing instant euphoric effects that are nothing short of powerful. While Bruce Banner is a sativa dominant hybrid, it is one of the best strains for treating chronic pain. With twenty four percent of THC and twenty nine percent of CBD, this sativa strain is a good choice for users looking for a whole body and mood boost. The creative cerebral effects can not only boost your mood, but they can also provide a sense of relaxation that is hard to beat.
  2. Green Crack – Green Crack is a highly popular cannabis strain that is sativa dominant. THC levels of this strain can range anywhere from fifteen percent to twenty five percent. Dry mouth and high levels of paranoia are some of the major drawbacks associated with Green Crack. This cannabis strain can boost your mood and your creativity levels, but it also is known for increasing hunger levels exponentially. Green Crack is a strain that is great to treat migraines, depression, anxiety, and loss of appetite.
  3. Lemon Pie – Lemon Pie is a cannabis strain that is technically considered a hybrid strain, but it is sativa dominant. THC levels of this strain hover around twenty two percent, but these levels can vary. CBD isn’t found in this strain, but it is good for treating fatigue, loss of appetite, and high stress levels. With a berry and citrus flavor, the aroma of this strain is pungent and somewhat spicy. The buds of this strain are known for being dense and covered in trichomes that make the nuggets shimmer in the light.
  4. Super Lemon Haze – This sativa dominant hybrid strain provides a strong citrus flavor and aroma that will invigorate your senses. The flower from this cannabis plant is bright green in color with a large number of trichomes. Users will find this strain good for treating depression and anxiety because of its uplifting euphoric effects. Those with seizure disorders will find this strain helpful in providing relief. The THC levels of this strain start out at twenty two percent, but can be as high as twenty five percent.
  5. Black Widow – This cannabis strain is great for beginner growers because it is notoriously easy to grow. THC levels start out at twenty four percent in this sativa dominant strain. The energizing euphoric effects promote happiness and self-awareness, and it is good for treating chronic pain and muscle spasms.

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