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Sex Addiction Treatment Center

Sex Addiction Treatment Center

The recent sex scandals in Hollywood bring the topic of sex addictions to the forefront of our relationships. Some people criminalized these people without a second thought of they came to their condition. Sex addiction is a psychiatric disorder that affects so many people and causes significant behavior changes. Many people are afraid of seeking change because they do not expect unconditional acceptance and understanding from their family or friends. We emphasize the importance of seeking immediate treatment of addiction to pornography to avoid destroying your life and getting into worse mental and emotional complications.

Dangers of sexual addiction and pornography for Christians

Emotional and mental damage

Sex addiction has many of the characteristics of mental illness and drug addictions. You will start to notice you are not as enthusiastic about your hobbies and friend, and will ultimately reduce productivity at work. Sex addiction treatment quickly causes problems at work and in your personal life because your mind and body do not control you. The reduced mental strength predisposes you to overspend and more addiction issues as you fall into an abyss of reconnecting with your emotions again.

Sexual addiction is a never-ending pit of hell, which causes depression, guilt, shame, mental illness, and general discomfort. You need clinical treatment that focuses on your spiritual being and use the best therapies to bring you back to yourself and God’s protective love.

Social problems

Sex addiction does not affect the individual, but it has far-reaching consequences in your relationships and social circles. Some relational issues you develop will include:

  • Lying tendencies
  • Difficulty in learning healthy intimacy habits with your partner
  • Multiple failed relationships, friendships, and marriages due to lack of trust and real emotional connectivity
  • Possible legal problems or conflict due to behaviors that quickly lead to illegal activities, such as child pornography, rape, and indecent exposure

Physical consequences

The physical body may not show any side effects from sex addiction unless you get to the unfortunate end of sexually transmitted diseases. However, you will notice slight changes in your body if you engage in extreme acts that damage your body or genitals. These physical symptoms do not sound like much, but they are intensely contributive to your perception of life. You will find it difficult to enjoy some of your favorite activities and clothes, all while going about life with a constant reminder of your guilt, shame, and powerlessness.

Help for porn-addicted Christians

The easy way out is to try to medicate your problems away without looking into their root cause. Pharma will give you all kinds of drugs to stabilize your mood and somehow control your sexual tendencies. We take things a step further by using medical treatment therapies like neurobiological treatment and empower your spirit with wholesome Bible concepts and God’s infinite love.

How is our sex therapy treatment?

We have a team of fully trained professionals who understand the spiritual and biological recovery process of porn addiction treatment in Boulder. Our Boulder Colorado sex addiction therapist for men wants to assist you in developing a healthy attitude to sex and rebuild relationships, your mind, and your body. Contact us or call 720-902-9919 to learn more about our program, and we can begin your treatment with a prayer to put you on the right spiritual path.



Sex Addiction Treatment Center
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Sex Addiction Treatment Center
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