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Intensive Outpatient Recovery Anaheim

Intensive Outpatient Recovery Anaheim

Coming off of drugs or alcohol takes time and requires commitment and mental strength throughout the process. If you’re experiencing withdrawal regularly, you might need to consider our treatment program asap. At Star Recovery Centers, we offer inpatient care, intensive outpatient recovery in Anaheim, third-party outpatient services, aftercare support, etc.

What is the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

IOP is a semi-intensive recovery program following residential/inpatient care. It doesn’t require you to remain at our facility during nighttime and instead relies on weekly meetings for testing, therapy, medication management, etc. The IOP is perfect for people who have completed the inpatient program and whose recovery progress is steady and balanced.

They can now continue their treatment in a more relaxed recovery environment, as the IOP allows them to return home after the treatment sessions. You will begin the outpatient treatment upon completing the IOP, allowing you to push your recovery goals further. You can also join the intensive outpatient program without undergoing inpatient care, providing our clinicians give you the green light. To know where you stand and how severe your condition is, we advise you to contact our specialists as soon as possible.

The best Intensive Outpatient Program

Unlike many facilities in the industry, our Anaheim, CA, drug and alcohol rehabs rely on IOP to build upon the foundation of the inpatient treatment. During the inpatient program, we support patients in their recovery by providing:

  • Medical detoxification
  • Dual diagnosis treatment to cope with co-occurring disorders
  • Psychotherapies and behavioral therapies
  • Trauma counseling and healing
  • Mental and emotional support for improved psychological balance, positivity, and confidence, etc.

The inpatient program will allow you to regain your mental stability, flush the substance from your body, and focus on your long-term sobriety goals. The IOP has a different role. Our best rehabilitation centers in Anaheim rely on IOP to promote healing and recovery via peer support. While the IOP relies on drug tests, therapy, and individual counseling to promote healthy living and sobriety, it’s the group meetings that usually have the most significant effect.

This is where you will meet people struggling with similar issues and learn from their strengths just as they will learn from yours. IOPs help create bonding communities, promoting friendships, personal growth, and sober and healthier lifestyles.

Joining an IOP

If you require urgent treatment at our Anaheim drug and alcohol rehabs, make sure to contact our experts today. We’ll perform an in-depth assessment and diagnosis at our addiction treatment center in Anaheim to know what treatment you qualify for. You may need detox services and inpatient care for at least 30 days before undergoing IOP and outpatient care. The only way to tell is by meeting up with our professionals and allow them to assess your overall health status.

If you seek immediate addiction treatment in Anaheim, contact Star Recovery Centers at 1-855-205-4380 and talk with our professionals! We offer the opportunity to begin the intensive outpatient recovery in Anaheim soon after your intake for immediate recovery and sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Recovery Anaheim

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