Eye Exam Woodlands

Eye Exam Woodlands

An annual eye exam in Woodlands TX is a good way to ensure a healthy and productive life. Your eye doctor should understand how your daily routines impact your eyesight and the inner workings of your eyes. Glimpse Eyecare seeks to do both.

Why should I have an annual eye exam?

Blurry eyesight is a common problem. Thirty-two million American adults experienced trouble with their eyesight in 2018. Nearly 80 percent of the elderly require corrective lenses, contacts, or Lasik.

An annual eye exam keeps your eyesight sharp even if you require corrective lenses. Ensuring that you can perform daily tasks from driving to reading well is a necessity.

What to Expect at an Eye Exam

Many people put off eye exams for more reasons than finances. Anxiety is a common issue. However, an exam is easy.

There is no preparation other than contacting your local optometrist and booking an appointment. An exam usually consists of several easy steps. An eye doctor:

  • Reviews the issues associated with your poor vision
  • Attempts to understand how your lifestyle may impact your eyesight
  • Typically performs a visual test to create an accurate prescription
  • May perform a test require dilation or use a specialized machine to map your eyes

You do not always need dilation. However, the impact is minor and wears off quickly. In its place, you gain the ability to see clearly.

Type of Eye Doctors

There are several types of eye doctors that perform exams, optometrists and ophthalmologists. Which type of doctor you visit depends on the conditions you experience.

Anyone experiencing pain lasting more than two weeks or with serious problems requiring surgery needs the help of an ophthalmologist. Those requiring corrective lenses or an update to an existing prescription uses an optometrist.

There is another reason to visit an ophthalmologist. You may want Lasik surgery. This type of specialist is able to perform such invasive surgeries.

Lasik v. Glasses

Lasik is a longer term but not permanent solution to eye care. A doctor uses a specific type of laser to correct the curvature of your eye, an astigmatism.

While this can seem optimal, there are some drawbacks. Among those:

  • Lasik surgery cost patients between $2000 and $3000 per eye in 2020
  • Lasik is not a permanent solution
  • Certain types of astigmatisms cannot be cured with this surgery
  • Lask surgery may actually do more harm to your eyes than good

Glasses are a proven alternative to invasive surgery. Our professionals help you look your best and find the most accurate prescription with a careful exam.

What to Look for in a Local Optometrist

Do not trust your eyes to anyone. Your eye doctor should treat you as family and not as a number.

Glimpse Eyecare works hard to understand everything that can impact your eyesight. We seek to treat patients and not just sell glasses.

Schedule an Annual Eye Exam in Woodlands TX

An annual eye exam in Woodlands TX is a great way to spot potential problems and keep your eyesight sharp. There is no need to suffer.

Schedule an exam with Glimpse Eyecare today.

Eye Exam Woodlands
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Eye Exam Woodlands
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